Trillium Diesel Support is a Canadian company engaged in the supply of industrial and marine diesel engine parts for a large range of engines. We have an exclusive agreement with Lincoln Diesels, a well-established U.K. Diesel Engine Parts and Service Support Company.


Together we specialize in supporting many of the older British engines, including Ruston, Mirrlees, Blackstone, Paxman and Allen. These engines were used in a variety of applications such as generators, pumping stations, fishing trawlers, ferries, tugs and patrol boats.

Lincoln also owns the Dorman diesel engine brand, which they purchased outright from Perkins Diesels in 2010. We can offer both new and fully-reconditioned parts for the engines that we support. All new parts come with a 12 month warranty. Lloyds or other certification can be provided if required.


Lincoln Diesels is operated by a group of selected people with a wealth of experience within the diesel engine environment. The president of Trillium Diesel Support is a graduate in engineering, and has training and over two decades of experience in the sales and service of diesel engines.


This business is founded on integrity, and includes principles such as fast and correct communications, efficient service, and honest and ethical transactions.  Trillium Diesel Support will be proud to work with your company, and will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction.


We would welcome any enquiries, and invite end-users to try our personalized service. We can provide you with support and competitive pricing for the engines that you operate.


We welcome the opportunity to become your supplier of choice